Laptops. Smartphones. Tablet computers. We tote them around as if they were prosthetic limbs and show them off as if they were fashion accessories. They help us organize our lives, do our jobs, entertain ourselves and occupy our kids. And they are usually utterly filthy.

We smudge, smear and soil our technology as never before. With trends shifting towards touch-screen devices, today’s devices are even dirtier: displays are smeared, keyboards are oily, and our technology becomes host to shocking levels of bacteria. A study out of England found that the average mobile phone carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than the flush handle of a men’s public restroom toilet.

People want to improve their digital hygiene, yet they do not know how and rarely take the initiative.


The startup idea is to develop a branded network of kiosks where customers can have their digital devices safely, quickly and inexpensively disinfected and cleaned, while they wait.

The kiosks can be deployed in airport terminals, convention centers, business hotels, train stations and shopping malls—locations frequented by business travelers and device owners. You can start with one kiosk, prove the concept, and then expand.

There are 3 keys to success with this idea:

Safety. We recommend using mild, non-alcoholic agents that evaporate immediately, non-scratch micro-fiber cloths that leave no mark, and air-blowers to expunge grit and grime from keyboards and those hard-to-reach places.

Speed. Today’s tech savvy citizens are on the go, especially in airports and other settings popular with business professionals. With this understanding, your goal should be to treat laptops in less than three minutes and smartphones and tablet computers in two minutes or less.

Affordability. We recommend pricing that is affordable, such as $7 for a laptop treatment, $4 for a tablet and $2 to clean a smartphone.

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