Safety-minded parents, especially working parents, would monitor their kids around the clock if they could. With that in mind, this business centers on giving parents of kids who ride school busses a whole new level of comfort.


Your opportunity is to create and market an app that enables parents to track their children’s school bus rides. The app would alert parents when their kids were picked up and dropped off. Using GPS data, the app could also estimate and issue an alert when it was time to drive or walk to the bus stop – based on any location such as home or work.

We think that parents would love this unique safety service and be willing pay for it.

Another revenue stream could come from partnering with school districts or school transportation companies and use scanning technology to track each student’s daily round trip. The business could in effect become a much broader one focused on monitoring/tracking that ensures safety and reduces liability for school districts and/or transportation companies.

The app might be marketed to parents via advertising opportunities at schools, such as banners at school sports games, school newsletters, and similar media.  For school districts and bus company customers, a direct approach would probably be most effective.

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