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A great idea at its core fulfills a need. Maybe it’s an improvement on a proven product or service, or a ground-breaking innovation that provides customers with something they didn’t yet know they needed. Of course, a great idea is not great unless it resonates with you or inspires you on a personal level. An interest in or passion for the business area that the idea addresses is great, and all the better if you have relevant experience. Will the idea enable a competitive advantage where you can do things “cheaper, faster or better”? Will you be able to cut out a middleman, streamline a process, make life easier for your consumer, or provide some other advantage? A great business idea offers some competitive advantage, but it remains just an idea unless it can become a product or service that people will pay for. By asking yourself some of these basic questions, and with some research, you can determine if an idea is great, and more importantly, if the idea is great for you.

The team at Smarterbound is made up of “idea entrepreneurs.” Developing business ideas inspires us. ( is itself the realization of one of our ideas.) We’re also experienced business people. This creative-practical mix results in lots of business ideas. We also have a deep network of associates who energetically share their own ideas with us. So you can also say that we’re “idea aggregators.” These two basic sources provide a steady stream of business concepts that the team distills into the best ideas for our readers.

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Foremost, you’ll benefit from a steady flow of fresh business ideas – generally about five each week. In addition to having access to current and archived business ideas, membership includes access to the Smarterbound forum where you can discuss ideas, plans and seek advice from fellow entrepreneurs. In many ways, Smarterbound is your virtual MasterMind group where ideas and communications with peers are always available to provide insights and inspiration every day.

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